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DSD is the leading ballet school on the Gold Coast. 
We offer careful and nurturing training to students in all genres of all levels and ages. 
Your child deserves to be taught properly and we pride ourselves on helping each and every child reach their full potential whether they’re dancing for fun or wishing to pursue a career in dance.

From Steps to Dreams

Welcome to a world where every plié, pirouette, and leap is a step toward realizing your child's dance dreams. At Danielle's Studio of Dance (DSD), we're not just another ballet school on the Gold Coast; we're a legacy of nurturing and transforming young dancers into graceful artists. With a curriculum that spans from the tiniest toes to aspiring professionals, we invite you to embark on a dance adventure that's as enchanting as it is empowering.


Classical ballet: RAD & CDA

Ballet is an exquisite art form developing good posture, strength, musicality & artistry.

Students study the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus from Pre Primary through to Solo Seal. The Classical Dance Australia syllabus is offered at CDA Preparatory & Vocational Level 1, replacing RAD Intermediate foundation & RAD Advanced foundation. CDA was developed based on the Vaganova system and is dedicated to excellence in the education and training of students and teachers of classical ballet.

 Annual examinations are offered to all our classical students in each level and students are prepared with great care and careful training.


Ballet students from Grade 3 upwards
Contemporary dance combines the strong but controlled legwork of Ballet, with elements of Modern Dance, abstract movement and emotional freedom.


Ballet students from Grade 3 upwards 
Character dance teaches the movements and music of traditional folk and national dances from around the world which often feature in many familiar classical ballets ..such as Swan Lake, Coppelia or La Fille Mal Gardée, to name a few.


Jazz is a modern and energetic style of dance combining popular music with strong and dynamic movements. The classes are upbeat, fun and wonderful exercise while helping students to improve their technical skills, fitness and flexibility.


Lyrical dance embodies aspects of ballet technique and the freedom and musicality of jazz and modern dance. . . great for building a deeper connection between music and the body, and explore dance as a form of expressing themselves.

Musical theatre:

Senior students. 
Musical theatre is a form of theatrical performance that combines songs, spoken dialogue, acting and dance. Students learn Broadway style pieces which is great fun.

Tiny toes:

Ages 3-4
Our creative movement ballet class which inspires our little dancers to begin their love of ballet. Parents are welcome to watch each week. We understand how important your child’s first dance experience is and our program fosters and nurtures their creative, physical and emotional development whilst having fun.

Adult ballet:

For those who want to learn the foundations of ballet for fun and fitness. Whether you’re rekindling your love or a first timer this classes suits all levels of experience.

Extension Classes

Extension program (audition only)

This program is designed for advanced level students who demonstrate the potential skills and attributes for a potential career in classical or contemporary dance. This course is designed to expose young growing bodies to the rigours of fulltime training whilst being sensitive to the students age, growing bodies as well as the importance of maintaining their regular academic studies. This program encompasses all the genres the studio delivers quality training in.

Eleves program (audition only)

Our specialized program for selected students (aged 11 – 14) who have the facility and potential to make a career in classical and contemporary dance. The students study the Discovering Repertoire syllabus and partake in annual RAD examinations. This program is taught by Miss Dani & Miss Anna with guest teachers throughout the year. Entry is by audition only.

Eisteddfod coaching

Selected students are encouraged to take part in eisteddfods for group and/or solo entry.


RAD Examinations

Our studio teaches the Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus from Pre Primary to Solo Seal level. This syllabus is taught in more than 70 countries worldwide. Annual examinations are offered to all students participating in the necessary classes. The safe and correct training of your child is paramount so they may reach their full potential. It is our studio ethos that every child deserves to be taught properly.

CDA Examinations
(CDA Preparatory 
& Vocational Level 1)

Dedicated to excellence in the education and training of students and teachers of classical ballet.(CDA Preparatory replaces RAD Intermediate foundation & VL1 replaces RAD Advanced foundation)

CLASSICAL DANCE AUSTRALIA (CDA) was established in 2015 by JOHN BYRNE, one of Australia’s leading teachers of classical ballet. Since its inception, two syllabi have been produced: (1) The PREPARATORY SYLLABUS and (2) The VOCATIONAL LEVEL 1 syllabus. Both of these syllabi have incorporated the principles of the Vaganova system and they have been designed to serve the needs of the vocational student of today. Since 2015, over 600 teachers have attended courses in the work in Australia and in 8 other countries in Asia and Europe. The response to the work from the technical, artistic and musical points of view has been overwhelmingly positive. The aim of the syllabus is to establish a pure, elegant classical technique from the basis of strong technical and postural foundations and with equal emphasis on the development of musicality and artistry. The syllabi are suitable for all vocational students whether they have ultimate ambitions to go on to pre professional training or not. From 2017, examinations in the work have also been available. The examination format is a unique one in that it incorporates a teacher's mark based on the student's attendance, application and achievement over the course of study, thereby eliminating some of the pressure on examination day. Written reports are issued to all students and to all teachers who enter students.
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